NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators curriculum explores the fundamental tenets of entrepreneurship through a project-based, experiential lens.

Open Enrolment: Space is limited!

The Centre for Dyslexia is accepting students for its cohort of the NoticeAbility Entrepreneurs & Innovators curriculum. The course explores the fundamental tenets of entrepreneurship through a project-based, experiential lens.

The 20-hour experience begins on a specific date (please see FAQs below) and comprises 10 hours of self-directed online content and 10 hours of small group exercises facilitated on a video conferencing platform. Each student group is led by Ms Rama Tandon, the Founder of the Centre for Dyslexia and a certified NoticeAbility Instructor.

Cost Rs 9000. The instructor to student ratio is 1:4

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Curriculum

NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators curriculum explores the fundamental tenets of entrepreneurship through a project-based, experiential lens. The ten-module course highlights the cognitive skills associated with dyslexia and provides students with practical exercises that help them recognize these attributes in themselves and understand their application in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, students are provided scaffolding to enhance their social- emotional learning and executive functioning skills which serve as a framework for academic and personal empowerment


A full course takes about 6 weeks to complete.

Cohort Dates Time Days Space
Cohort #01 17th March-23rd April 4pm to 5pm (IST) Wednesday and Friday Open
Cohort #02 17th March- 23rd April 5.30pm to 6.30pm (IST) Wednesday and Friday Open
Cohort #03 28th April - 4thJune 4pm to 5pm (IST) Wednesday and Friday Open
Cohort #04 28th April - 4th June 5.30pm to 6.30pm (IST) Wednesday and Friday Open

Video on introduction to dyslexia

Video on the strengths of dyslexia

Video on Conflict Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my child excited about this program?

We suggest you tell them something like this:

“Do you remember when you used to make creative excuses for getting away from household chores or small errands? You know how you’re always negotiating with me to get {extra screen time, dessert, or get yourself out of trouble from time to time}. It turns out that your dyslexia and your business skills are related. Don’t believe me? Remember watching Shark Tank? Did you know that 3 of the five sharks are dyslexic?

Noticeability’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators class shows you how to start a business and harness your dyslexic advantage. With instruction from the Centre of Dyslexia, you and three other students with dyslexia will identify a problem you’d like to solve, think of a cool invention, and then build a business plan, marketing campaign, and a prototype. Sounds good, right? And by the way, there’s no reading required. All you have to do is watch some videos, jump on a Zoom call twice a week, and hang out with some other kids with dyslexia. Not bad right? Why don’t you check out these preview videos (located in the ‘Course Curriculum’ section at the bottom of this page) and tell me if you’re interested.”

Can you tell me what you mean by ‘Remote Learning for Individual Students’?

NoticeAbility’s mission is to empower students with dyslexia regardless of their nationality or academic environment. To that end, we have translated our content into multiple languages and have tailored our curricula for delivery in public and private schools, home-schools, and tutoring facilities. In response to COVID-19, we took this one step further by creating a remote learning option for individual students. The Centre for Dyslexia is a NoticeAbility International partner and is able to facilitate remote learning classes across India.

How old are the students you serve?

NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators courses are for middle school students aged 10-14 years old.

Which courses does Centre For Dyslexia teach remotely?

The Centre offers Language Therapy courses as well as NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators &  course remotely.

How is my student matched with their workgroup?

The Centre For Dyslexia will match each child with three additional students during our registration process. Student grouping is determined after parent registration forms are complete, and the child has attended a ‘Meet & Greet’ Zoom session with Centre For Dyslexia’s Founder, Rama Tandon. Students are grouped based on age, location/time zones, engagement styles, and dyslexic strengths. The instructor and parents will determine student meeting times via a group email thread. Parents must respond promptly to establish a schedule that works for everyone involved.

How much does it cost to enrol in a course?

The cost per student per course is Rs 9000.

How long does a course take to complete?

A full course takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. Students will meet with their assigned team twice a week for an hour each session. These meetings take place over Zoom (or a comparable video conferencing platform). Students should expect approximately 45-60 minutes of pre-work before each class meeting (e.g. watching videos on NoticeAbility’s learning platform.)

Does my child need to attend each of the ten video conference classes?

The magic relies on the teamwork and bond created in our student groups. With four students per group, individual attendance and participation are crucial to the team’s success. Except for emergencies and illness, students should be prepared and attend each session. Their peers are counting on them!

I’m exhausted with remote learning! Do I have to be involved as a parent?

Yes and no. Registering your child will take a bit of effort in the beginning (but what doesn’t right?!). Once the class schedule is set, your student will be off to the races. However, many parents report that students enjoy discussing the class over family meals. Don’t be surprised if your child interviews you as a ‘potential stakeholder’ during their product development process or comments on a local bridge or energy plant’s engineering design. After all, this is the kind of enthusiasm for learning that we hope our students will discover.

Do we have to be located in the United States or Canada to participate?

Absolutely not! NoticeAbility’s remote learning program has involved students from the UK, Sweden, Germany, India and Zimbabwe. Workgroups that include international students have generated extraordinary projects and genuine friendships. Through partnerships like the Centre for Dyslexia, NoticeAbility offers cohorts for students in Asia, Australia, India, and New Zealand.

When does the next class start?

The target date for the first batch of students is 15th March, 2021.

I’m worried about my child hanging out online. What does the Centre for Dyslexia do to address my child’s privacy and safety?

We are parents too. We share your concerns. The Centre for Dyslexia has taken the following steps to address your child’s privacy and safety. (1.) All student group video conferences are monitored by Ms. Tandon to prevent bullying or unsavory language and behavior. (2.) Recording facility of student workgroups video will be disallowed. (3.) Parent names and emails are shared among student group members.

Please note: When creating an account for your child on NoticeAbility’s learning management system, Teachable, you (a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 years old) will be asked to review and accept the terms of service set forth by NoticeAbility and Teachable.

What if I enrol and change my mind?

We understand that plans change. However, from the moment you enrol in the NoticeAbility course at the Centre for Dyslexia, we begin our work with you and your family. That said, we allow for a 14 day  ‘change your mind’ period during which you will receive a 50% refund of your enrolment fee.

I can’t believe it! You didn’t answer the one question I still have.

Our apologies! But don’t fret. Just send us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

Account Details

Account Name: Centre for Dyslexia

Account Branch: A 24 Hauz Khas branch, New Delhi

Account Number: 16652000000248

IFSC Code: HDFC0000467

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