About Centre For Dyslexia

About Centre For Dyslexia :

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a team of professionals who assist in various aspects of Special Needs and Learning Difficulties.

Centre For Dyslexia is a result of several years of assimilated learning from in-depth interactions with children with special needs and their parents. Leading the team is Ms. Rama Tandon of the Vasant Valley School, New Delhi. The school, as you might be aware, was recently adjudged the No. 1 school in India through an independent survey conducted by Education World magazine. This distinction is, in large part, due to the ‘inclusive education’ provided to special needs children at the school.

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Centre For Dyslexia comes to you to assist your institution in the field of Special Needs and Learning Difficulties. We offer, among other assistances, the following;

Identification of children with learning difficulties

many children are unable to access help to remediate their problems simply because they are not identified.

Remediation of children with learning difficulties

Having identified children with difficulties, Centre For Dyslexia,can assist in their remediation through therapy based on a multi-sensory approach.

Orientation workshops for parents of such children

one of the biggest hindrances to the remediation of special need children is parent ignorance of the problem and ‘mis-perceived’ social implications.

Training of teachers

through a series of simple and user-friendly workshops, Centre For Dyslexia is able to train teachers to identify, remediate and if preferred, assist in obtaining certification in CALT(Certified Academic Language Therapy).

Creation of a Language Therapy department

Centre For Dyslexia, through its progressive workshop modules can assist schools in setting up an independent department with individuals trained in the management of children with learning difficulties.

Audit of the Language TherapyProgramme

in case the school has an existing department for children with learning difficulties, Centre For Dyslexia can assist in the audit of the department through an intensive intervention programme to highlight areas that can be bettered through the implementation of simple strategies.

Curriculum development

remediation comes in large part through a specially developed curriculum for children with special needs. Centre For Dyslexia can provide such a curriculum along with the necessary training for teachers who will be using it

Please feel free to write in at rama@centrefordyslexia.com or call RAMA TANDON at +919899509948

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