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What can you do if your child can’t read? The efforts of children whose b’s are d’s and whose writing of “was” is spelt “saw” used to be called ‘Mirror Writing’.

By the end of the first grade, these mistakes have usually disappeared – except among some of the 10 to 15 percent of children who have a reading disability known today as ‘Dyslexia’.

Any child whose reading skills lag significantly behind those of his / her classmates at the end of the first grade should be tested for Dyslexia.

How Is Dyslexia Remediated? : THE Centre For Dyslexia



B’Ed in Special Ed 
Masters of Arts in Psychology and CALT

Centre For Dyslexia

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a team of professionals who assist in various aspects of Special Needs and Learning Difficulties.

Centre For Dyslexia is a result of several years of assimilated learning from in-depth interactions with children with special needs and their parents.

Dyslexia Therapy

We impart customized attention to every individual with Dyslexia with the sole purpose of wellness from the condition.

Proven improvements in individuals in all aspects …. reading, writing , spelling, speech and self confidence.

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